Hello World

When I was a graduate student and working on my master’s project (Good Earth: Missouri’s Old Lead Belt) I kept a journal of sorts in the form of a weblog where I posted field notes, contact sheets, and unedited photographs. It was private and only accessible by me and my advisory committee, but I shared it with a few friends and family so they could follow along with my project. At the time it seemed like a little bit of a chore, but in the end it was an invaluable resource for looking back on my thought process and journey. The only drawback was that I didn’t write it in as frequently as I should have or in enough detail.

There are lots of photographers, and many have weblogs where they post their thoughts, news, work in progress, or other things. One of which I’ve found particularly interesting from time to time is the blog of Asim Rafiqui. Brian Schutmaat’s tumblr is also quite nice in that he includes a beautiful selection of work that inspires him.

Perhaps it’s just what fathers say, but my dad commented while I was working on my master’s project or perhaps once it was done that he really enjoyed reading my field notes, that he found it fascinating to read about what I was thinking about while making work.

So all of these things have finally converged. Petranaut will be a place where I can share news about my work, post field notes from projects in process, reflect on photography and readings about photography, and share work that inspires me.

First and foremost this weblog is a resource for me, a place for me to jot down ideas and think things though, a place to bookmark research and map out process. But it’s also a place for you if you are interested in following along. There are no comments, but I encourage you to get in touch if you have something you want to share.